Preschool is for fun…messy fun

What is a favorite activity of Toddlers and Preschoolers?  Making messes and playing with friends…


Our VPK teachers have a special talent for making learning fun.  Smiles are always seen in class…

A day in the life of our Nursery

Our babies have a great time while spending the day with Mrs. Bonnie.

Love is in the air at Preschool

      We wanted to share some of our Valentine’s day fun with you!  There are more pictures on our Facebook page!

Lakeland Fun in the Sun for preschooler`s and toddler`s

A very popular topic in the news media right now is the growing epidemic of obesity in children and preschoolers. Many experts believe…
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Why daycare is good for kids

1. It’ll make him healthier.Sure, he’s going to have the sniffles more often than a stay-at-home tyke. But the bugs he’s exposed to may strengthen his immune system,…
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Christmas Program on You Tube!

We have uploaded our 2012 Christmas program to You Tube.  Feel free to share with your friends and family. Enjoy!  

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Childcare

Leading professionals all agree that it is extremely important to thoroughly check out and inspect any potential Preschools, Nurseries, Day cares and Child care centers. Below are the 10 most important questions, according to We have answered the questions as they pertain to Hands & Hearts Child Enrichment Center. 1. What will my child be doing during the day? How much television will he be
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Choosing Childcare for your infant

Choosing someone to care for your most prized possession, your infant, can be an overwhelming and scary experience. We know how difficult it is to leave your baby in the care of others, therefore we strive to make our infant rooms the safest and most nurturing environment we can. Stop by anytime for a tour!

Gymnastics at our Lakeland Child Care Center!

Don’t forget to sign up your child for Gymnastics class. This fun and educational time is a great way to help promote healthy children and great fitness routines. Gymkidz Xpress comes to our preschool each Wednesday to offer classes to our children aged two and older. The first class each month is included in your child’s tuition. Each class thereafter is only $10.00.