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Dear Staff–You’re Amazing!


To all the administrators, staff, and teacher.

Lisa and I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all that were involved with the caring and education of our granddaughter, Kira Greer. We and you have watched this precious little child develop over the last two years. It has been amazing!

It is so important to recognize the people involved. How your staff can tack on the responsibility, patience, and love of helping these innocent little children develop is beyond us. We truly admire what you do and have done.

Thank you for teaching her the Word of God and educating her in preparation for the “big” school. We truly believe she is well prepared to begin her adventure in life. In any conversation we are involved in concerning daycare and Pre-K, rest assure you will be highly recommended as the school to place their child in.

In particular we want to recognize her teachers, Ms. Marinda Parker and Ms. Cathy Polk for their outstanding job over the two years. We can not thank them enough.



Lisa & Robert Lovvorn