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Best VPK Teachers in Lakeland

The 2011-2012 VPK readiness rates are out and Hands & Hearts did a great job! The school year VPK scored 91/100 and the summer VPK scored 100/100! Congratulations and a Job Well Done goes out to our VPK Teachers, Mrs. Marinda, Mrs. Cathy, Ms. Saisha, and Mrs. Susan!

First-Class Infant Care

Your baby will receive the best care in our nursery. We know it is hard leaving your most prized possession at such a young age, which is why Mrs. Bonnie works hard to provide a loving ‘home away from home’ for your baby.

‘Tis the season…

…For Illness and Colds… While we do everything we can to avoid illness and colds within our center, it is always inevitable that someone will become ill during the winter season.  We wanted to take this opportunity to remind our families of our illness policy.  Please read below… illness policy

Computer fun!

We enjoyed CompuChild class today! Mrs. Melinda came by today for another fun filled computer class.  There were plenty of smiles to go around as the children learned about computers and the components (mouse, disk, program, icon, etc) while playing fun and educational games.   Classes are open to children aged 2 and older.

Baby-Toddler Time

Remember the first time you stroked your newborn’s hand and felt your baby’s tiny fingers curl around yours? From that wonderful moment on, your baby was learning about the world through the power of touch.
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